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07 March 2030 @ 07:53 pm
so f-list, my darlings, you are now becoming exclusive to my ranting.

i will be adding | not adding
(but please comment first)

poetry and personal fiction will be open to everyone, but my rants and comments on my daily life will be kept locked.

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02 July 2011 @ 10:44 am
I NEVER POST ANYMORE. UGH. I SUCK. life why do you take so much of my timeeeeeeee.

04 January 2011 @ 07:44 pm
Fuck I wish I could just spend my life laying on wooden floors, drinking weak tea, reading scripts and paperbacks, writing reallyreally short stories and poetry on scrap bits of paper, listening to folk music and just living in the exact way that I wanted.

Auditioning for parts that yeah maybe I'll never get, but maybe today or tomorrow or the next day will be my lucky day.
Writing because I see something that hits me so full in the face that inspiration doesn't let me not write.

I just wish I could explain to my parents that maybe I'm every cliche that ever existed by anyone who thought they were artistic anywhere, but it would make me happy.

I've got exams coming up and if I do poorly on a single one I'm being pulled out of my drama class and performing group. The only things keeping me sane.

sometimes i really want to scream. or scribble the letters in black fucking ink all over my pristine, white walls. eggshell, my bad.
13 December 2010 @ 11:57 pm
You smell like the oppressive heat sticking to my skin,
burning a vicious red,
leaving fingerprints on my arms.


You smell like the open ocean washing over my limbs,
reflecting the glittering sun,
careless caresses on my bruises.


You smell like the quiet cold of a soaked forest,
droplets twisting down,
my echoes muffled by damped leaves.


You smell like the earth bellow my feet,
like the sky above my head,
the air around and inside my body.

Your intoxicating scent has overtaken me.
:: so i lied, i wasn't going to upload a story a day. cause I am a failure. In my defense, started a new college and its crazy. So I'll just end up writing something whenever I can. TA DARLINGS.

Sometimes, ordinary days are extraordinary days: Day 3

(The growing divide between them, the expanding, breeding in-between...)Collapse )