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through these twist and turns of fate;;

Personal Revelations

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Essentially this journal is just for my thoughts and my writing, personal writing. Poetry, fiction, whatever...
My thoughts are pretty much all over the place, I can seem really happy and bouncy one moment, then angry and annoyed the next. I'm complicated, but who isn't really?
I'm extremely stubborn and am set solid in my beliefs.
I can't stand ignorance and prejudice or people that act stupid because they think it makes them seem 'cool'.
I can't stand people who write off people that get good grades and read books as 'nerds'.
I can't stand people that take life for granted.

But I am quite friendly *I promise* and would never want to discourage people from adding me or making friends!

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And the days are not full enough;
And the nights are not full enough;
And life slips by like a field mouse
Not shaking the grass.

-- Ezra Pound